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Duck Ragu with Pappardelle

Duck Ragu

Serves 6-8 (depending on portion sizes and possible leftovers)

1 tin of Duck Confit Manchons 3825g (available at La Cave)

1 tablespoon Olive oil

1 tablespoon butter

1 large onion (diced)

3 crushed garlic cloves

2 carrots (diced)

2 sticks of celery (diced)

1 cup red wine (cooking wine available at La Cave)

2 tins 400g Chopped Tomatoes (available at La Cave)

1L Chicken/Beef/Vegetable Stock

2 teaspoons cinnamon (alternatively try 2 teaspoons five spice or a combination)

3-4 sprigs rosemary – leaves chopped finely (or add a couple of teaspoons of Herbs de Provence instead)

2 dried bay leaves

500g Granoro Pappardelle Pasta (or slightly more depending on portions) available at La Cave

Parmesan (or buche de Chevre) available at La Cave



Heat can of Duck Confit Manchons in the oven on low heat (or on stovetop) to melt the Duck Fat.

Remove Duck Manchons from tin and cook at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes so meat is warmed and easy to pull off the bone. Remove all fat (Reserve and fry in a frying pan as a topping or use for another dish). You can use the fat in the ragu if you like the texture. Reserve the duck fat to use for other purposes such as duck fat potatoes. Remove all the meat from the bones and put in a bowl.



Add olive oil and butter to a pan on medium heat and cook the onion, garlic, carrot and celery (stirring) until the vegetables are softened approximately. 5-7 minutes.

Increase the heat and pour in the wine. Cook for 1-2 minutes and then reduce heat back to medium heat.

Add duck meat, chopped tomatoes, stock, herbs and spices to the pan. Stir and mix all ingredients together.

Cook at a medium-low or low heat (depending on your stovetop) for 1.5-2 hours, stirring occasionally. Taste as you are cooking and add a little more spice or herbs depending on flavour.

If your sauce is too thin keep simmering or increase the heat slightly to make it thicker. If it is too thick then add a little more stock to thin it out. The duck should fall apart while cooking but if there are some larger chunks then tear apart with forks to break them up. Remove bay leaves before serving.

Cook Pappardelle Pasta as per instructions on the packet.

Serve the Duck Ragu with the pasta. Add shaved/grated Parmesan (or goat’s cheese is also delicious) and some fresh herbs if you want.

If you have Ragu leftover you can 




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