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Meat Products & Saucissson

We have a range of frozen meat products including Bostock Chicken, L'authentique Sausages & Meat Grind and other meat products.

Email us or phone 07 856 8570 to organise for contactless pickup.

Current Availability:

Antipasto Meat Platters - including Prosciutto, Coppa & Milano Salami 120g $16.50

Bostock Organic Roast Chicken (Size 16 & 18), Butterfly Chicken, Chicken Legs, Breast, Liver and Nibbles.

L'authentique Sausage flavours include Toulouse, Angus Beef, Chorizo, Merguez, Pork Chipolata, Toulouse Breakfast Sausages, Pork & Fennel and Pure Pork. Meat Grind (mince) flavours include Pork & Fennel, Toulouse and Angus Beef.

We also have a variety of other frozen meat including Whole Duck, duck leg, breast and quail.